Fortressa des Magnar (III)
FFXII Amano 3
General Information
Location:Known Locations
  • Third Sphere - Dwemer Space
  • Oblivion Realm Broodlands
  • Constructed a decade after the failed accession.
  • Captured during by the Knights of Mangus during the great-division
  • Maximum - 64,000
  • Minimum requirement - 5,000
  • Current - 3,000
Notable Individuals:Known
  • Leader - Taleis
  • Captain Dur'gosh Atri
  • Knights of Magus
  • Lifeworkers
Notable events:Known
  • Great Division
  • First Contact
Current status:Active - badly damaged

Fortessa des Magnar (III) - Constructed as part of a line of Mobile Platforms capable of moving between realms they were originally intended to serve as a first strike craft that would be capable of operating without outside supply lines. It was the Third in a line of twelve of these fortresses to be constructed and would serve for many years as an exploration vessel - as the concept of it's original purpose was abandoned early during the fourths' construction.

It would later serve as the Exodus vessel for the Knights of Magus during the events of the Great Divide. 

Overview Edit

Design Edit

Drafted by some of the greatest military minds of the Dwemer people these Fortresses were designed to operate outside of their peoples non-existant supply lines. Unlike most of their constructions it is made from local metal - Andrasite and Vaterium - which are abundant and serve as an acceptable replacement for their normal metals. Fortress III was made from these materials however after the assembly of the Great Forge the Dwemer returned to using their regular materials as of the Sixth Fortress.

It's dimensions are:

  • Length - 5500 Meters
  • Height 4332 Meters
  • Width 4930 Meters 


Command Center

Engine Block

Construction Block

Shipyard Block

Noteable LocationsEdit


Taking up a significant potion of the Fortress it is designed to contain the farmlands required to support the Fortress and any outposts they may have established during the course of operations. The Dome itself is made to Talsilium - A transparent metal which has been erected over the biome. It is five meters thick and proved resistant to weapons fire during the Great Divide. 

Engine Core 

Factory Complex

Lifeworker Office

Ore Bin 

Placed throughout the facility several ore bins contain an abundant supply of Andrasite and Vaterium from which the Factory would be fed. These containers are linked by conveyors into the central factory complex where they are refined into workable goods. Due to the common nature of these metals ore containers are always topped up - regardless of if the factory itself is operating normally. 

Systems Edit

Atmospheric Containment Field

Dimensional Shift Drive 

Weapon SystemsEdit




Great Division


Unexpected Ally 


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