Multiversal Information
Production Information
Manufacturer:Zil'nar Empire
Product Line:Factory Worlds D-Q77 through J-3QZ
Model:Tier - 3 Type
Developed From:Standard Zil'nar Ultra-Light-Scout-Mothership
Ships of the Line:Known:
  • Greek Number series vessels
  • Millons of yet unseen vessels
Operators:Major Users
  • Zil'nar

Minor Factions

  • Terran Space Command
  • Pet'rans
Number of ships commissioned:91,230,230
Technical Specificatioms
Length:800 Meters
Width:800 Meters
Shielding:Tier - 3
  • Type 9 - Mothership Shielding
Armour Plating:Tier - 3
  • Zil'nar Type 2 Metal Alloy
Control Systems:Tactile Interface
Crew:Normal Inner Fleet Crew
  • 2000

Ultra Range Surveys

  • 100/300
Passengers:Emergency Capacity
  • 7,000
Consumables:Ultra Range Surverys
  • 1000 Years
  • Unlimited with the assistance of higher tier vessels
Cargo Capacity:Known Capacity
  • Thousands of Tons
Other Systems:Tier - 3 System
  • Micro Factories (x2)
  • Teleportation System
Individual Vessel Notes
Mobile Weapons
MS Capacity:Tier - 3 Non Carrier
  • 40 recon ships (maximum capacity)

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