Mothership Theta
General Information
Current status:Crashed onto the Room - Undergoing repairs

Mothership Theta - This Zil'nar Ultra-Light-Scout-Mothership was deployed to examine the populace of Alteris - in particular the Zoltra and Mal'tra regions where it was performing experiments of the local populace. This vessel was badly damaged and crashed into the moon Titanus III where it is being repaired by the TSC through the use of technologies aboard Mothership Zeta. It's TSC designation is Icarus. 

Unlike it's sister ship the Theta was not equiped with automated machine factories instead of the Basic Molecular Constructor and is therefor classed as Tier - 3 or bellow. 


Design Edit

The design of the Theta is that of a typical Zil'nar vessel - retaining a saucer like design with the addition of a smaller secondary saucer. These vessels are designed to keep running for a thousand years without needing repairs but due to the Tier - System this vessel requires the support of it's fellow motherships in order to prevent defections. 

The main section of the craft is split into two layers of quater-sections which can be quickly removed and replaced in a plug and play style system when Captains' upgrade in rank. This is done to prevent having to produce an entirely new vessel - however they have the resources to do this. A bonus of this compartmentalisation allows crews to isolate sections in the event of danger - however as proved during the capture of Mothership Zeta this program can be overiden by any 


Trivia - The Recon once known as Theta was deployed from this Mothership - The Scout Crafts' actual designation is Theta - 9.