Mothership Zeta
General Information
Location:In orbit of the Terran Region
Notable Individuals:Known
  • Lifeworker Nios Vi'tal
  • Zil'nar
  • Lifeworkers
  • Terran Space Command
Notable events:Known
  • Escape of Lifeworker Nios
  • Battle against Mothership Theta
  • Rise of Terran Space Command
Current status:Active

Mothership Zeta -This Zil'nar Ultra-Light-Scout-Mothership was deployed to examine the populace of Alteris - in particular the Terran region where it was performing experiments of the local populace. This vessel was taken over  by Lifeworker Nios Vi'Tal and was later used as the headquarters for the Terran Space Command .

It is designated as a Tier - 5 vessel due to the presence of the Basic Molecular Constructor. 

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