Vault 241
General Information

Detroit District

Establishment:Age - 2291
Disestablishment:Following Age - 2557
Current status:Active

Vault - 241 is one of the Vault seires shelters developed by Vault-Tec in the northern region of the Saltoma Flats. It's foundations were laid within the manufacturing district of Metracon. It is located east of the Corvega car-factory and north of Tashuma Electronics. It currently serves as the chapter headquarters of the Metracon Brotherhood of Steel. 


Construction and Purpose 

The construction of the Vault began in 2280 after receiving funding from several local companies. It was completed in November 2291, a year behind schedule. 

The purpose of this Vault was to ensure that some knowledge of construction techniques were preserved for future generations. It was built upon an automated factory designed and constructed deep within the earth to ensure that even if the manufacturing district was lost the Vault's inhabitants would be able to construct a settlement from the ruins. It is also one of the first privately funded Vaults to be constructed and as such retains a majority of the systems intended for government run Vaults. It's maximum capacity was originally slated to be around 50,000 however expansion by it's inhabitants has been performed by the activation of the Vault's contingent of mining drones. 


In the year 2320 the Vault was opened to recover several Brotherhood of Steel scouts that had been attacked by several of the more dangerous forms of wildlife. From this point onward a Chapter was established within a previously unused section of the Vault. This opened trade routes from which the Vault could apply it's trade whilst recovering new materials to use in construction and research. 

Elder Simmons is the current leader of the local chapter and works with the Vaults' overseer to ensure peaceful co-existance. Several of the more isolationist chapters have condoned these actions. However High command has given no offical orders to correct their operation standards as it is seen to be in the best intrest to remain in contact with the inhabitants of Vault - 241. 

Layout  Vault 88 is broken up into four sections. These sections are the Main Entrance, Atrium, Living Quarters, and Reactor/Maintenance. The sections are connected by doors, and stairways connect floors and levels to two sections of the vault.

Main Entrance This section connects the vault to the Detroit Wasteland. The rooms in this section are.

  • Natural rock tunnel connecting the Wasteland door to the main entrance
  • Entrance room
  • Control booth
  • Large Storage room

Atrium This section connects the main entrance to the Living Quarters. The Atrium itself is both for administration and recreational use for the vault if the experiment wasn't a failure. The rooms in this section are.

  • Overseer's office- Location of G.E.C.K. in room underneath Overseer's desk
  • Reception room
  • Overseer's apartment
  • Operations/Equipment
  • Security
  • Clinic
  • Recreational office
  • Cafeteria

Living Quarters This section connects the Atrium to the Reactor/Maintenance level. This is where all the pods are located, side by side running down both walls down two very long hallways. The rooms in this section are.

  • North Hallway
  • South Hallway
  • Vault Mainframe

Reactor/Maintenance This section is the lowest level of the vault and houses both reactors for the vault and used to house the Robobrains for maintenance check ups and repairs. The rooms in this section are.

  • Main Reactor room
  • Back Up Reactor room
  • Maintenance-Location of Robobrain pods
  • Storage room